Jeremy Spreadums Serviced

Another fresh week and time to see another Jake Cruise action scene. You know what this site is all about by now and this time we have Jeremy Spreadums back with more action as he gets serviced by Jake once more. As you know, Jake’s site is the number one go to place to come and visit when you want to see some pretty intense and sensual gay sex scenes with hot muscled hunks and an older man that has tons of experience in bed. But anyway, let’s get this one started and watch JakeCruise as he gets to have another nice and big cock in his mouth for the afternoon. And you can bet that you get to see him work it with his lips and tongue today!


The action takes place in the same bed that you saw them play last time in too. You can be sure that Jake Cruise wasn’t about to pass on the chance to play with the guy once he called on him this afternoon either. So right from the start the guy gets naked and Jake gets to work on his dick with his mouth. Do be sure to enjoy the whole scene and see how Jake gets to put his sexual skills to good use too on Jeremy here this week. We will return soon as per usual with another gallery in which you can see Jake getting down and dirty with more guys, but for now you can enjoy this and also check out the past scenes for more of his sensual fuck sessions!

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Josh Hunter and Jake

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to a classy Jake Cruise scene with the man himself in prime action as usual. Well this one is a straight up gay fuck fest with the old guy and a younger stud named Josh Hunter getting down and dirty with each other. And of course it’s a must see as Jake mostly gets to massage these guys and then do a wonderful handjob to make them blow their loads too. But every now and then he gets to play properly in bed and this one is such a scene. Let’s sit back and watch JakeCruise getting involved in a nice one on one fuck today with Josh here and let’s see them get down and dirty!

By the time the scene begins, you can see Jake and the guy kissing and caressing one another slowly and passionately and by the time they are all naked they then get to do some showing off to while they still do that to let you see their bodies from various sexy angles. But then, since Jake usually likes to be the bottom he gets to suck on Josh’s dick with those lips to make him rock hard. Then he presents his ass for the dicking and you can see him take a nice ride on top of it bouncing up and down fast and hard. And with that, we’ll leave you to it. Enjoy the simply superb action that goes down here today and we’ll see you soon once again with more content!


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Kyler Ash Massaged By Jake Cruise

It’s that time of the week once more and you know what that means. There’s more all new and all fresh Jake Cruise scenes to check out with the older gay sex expert, and today he goes all out once more. His guest star is Kyler Ash and he gets to also have Jake all to himself this afternoon to give him one unforgettable sensual massage with a happy end. It always has a happy end as Jake makes sure that all these studs are pleased as well. So let’s not get to waste anymore time and just watch JakeCruise massage another lucky dude’s cock for the afternoon today and you can see him work his magic with his hands and it’s just as glorious as always!


Like usual, Jake has the guy come in and lay down. He the starts to work his magic, oiling him up and down and making sure that he is truly relaxed. A lot of these guys call on Jake because he’s simply the best at playing with nice and big dicks and making sure that they are nice and stress free by the end too. Kyler Ash was one such dude and he basically enjoyed and loved every single second that Jake had his hands all over him too. So either way, take your time with it to truly enjoy the view of this glorious show and we’ll be back again soon with more of Jake. All you need to do is stay tuned and make sure you see it!

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Jeremy Spreadums Massaged

It’s time to see Jake Cruise at play once again and he’s back in action with some more massaging sessions this week. This week’s stud that gets to play with Jake is named Jeremy Spreadums and well, we’re sure that you can figure out how he got to have that stage name. Anyway, Jake gets to do one of his most famous massages that ends with a happy end and the guy couldn’t be more honored to have the one and only main man playing with him today. So let’s get started and see JakeCruise using his hands to work this hot stud’s nude body all afternoon long today. We bet you’re eager to get to check it out without delay this afternoon too!

Jeremy gets to lay back on the massage table once he takes off his clothes and Jake too is all ready to get busy with him as well. Take your time to see the older guy work that sexy and juicy muscled body up and down all afternoon long. He even gets to tease the guy’s ass with his fingers for a bit but after he has him flip over you can get to see the main ending of this show as he strokes his cock lastly to massage that part too. And that carries on as you know, until Jake makes the guy cum all over his hands and himself. Enjoy this fresh one to the fullest today and do come back again next week for another superb and awesome gallery with Jake!


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Mike Fox Serviced By Jake Cruise

Another fresh week is here and it’s time to see another new and juicy Jake Cruise scene unfold. The man is back in action with more hot studs getting to play with him and this week’s hunk is none other than Mike Fox. And we’re sure that you know that name too. Anyway, Jake gets to service this guy’s cock all afternoon long like many others and he does a absolutely wonderful job at it as well. Rest assured that Mike is going to have quite a treat with this session of his and JakeCruise playing together and he knows it. it’s not his first time getting down and dirty with the older guy and having his cock taken care of by his lips either!


As soon as they get started, Jake gets to do the usual touchy feely bit, as he gets to play around with the guy’s simply stunning body before anything else. Well Mr Fox soon gets to be on top of him and now that the big cock is throbbing in front of his face, Jake just gets to plant it in his mouth. As per any superb oral scene that takes place around here, you can see him sucking that meat pole with a passion and making sure that Mike moans in pleasure. When Mike climaxes see him unload in Mike’s mouth, giving him a mouthful of man juice too. It’s all pretty fun to check out and we’ll have more of Jake and his adventures ready for you soon!

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Jaxton Wheeler Serviced

Welcome to this week’s new and fresh Jake Cruise update with more of the hot older man and the hot studs that he gets to party hard with every week. This time Jake was called in by Jaxton Wheeler, another fuck buddy of his that needed his services to get off and Jake was pretty ecstatic to get to play with Jaxton today. So yeah, you can bet that magic stuff pretty much happened as soon as he was at the guy’s place too. Let’s get right to see some pretty amazing and hot action with JakeCruise and Jaxton today and you get to see Jake put his hands to great use some more today as he gets to stroke another hard and big cock this afternoon!

As soon as the scene begins, Jake Cruise is already at the guy’s place and they are heading up to his bedroom. The guy was already naked mind you and as soon as he got in bed, Jake got in next to him and was all ready to get to play with his mean. See him tease that cock nicely until it gets nice and hard and then watch Jaxton start to moan as he gets to have his big dick stroked fast and hard. And as that hand works his dick he’s getting closer and closet to climax as well. Eventually he blows his load all over and Jake is very pleased as well. Enjoy seeing the two in action and see you next week with another update everyone. We’ll see you then!


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Jacob Durham Serviced By Jake Cruise

Today’s Jake Cruise scene is quite an impressive one and we know that you are pretty eager to check it out as well without delay here. The horny older guy, as you know, likes to play nasty with guys half his age and he’s got his way to make sure that they get down and dirty with him. Also due to him having quite the expert touch with his hands. Anyway, let’s get right to the action with this one and watch the horny ol’ JakeCruise as he gets to be on the receiving end of another hot stud today. And you can bet that he’s really happy about the whole thing too. So let’s sit back and watch him getting his eager mouth fucked by the other guy today!


We forgot to mention that the name of the other guy is Jacob Durham and he knows already about Jake’s reputation. He was pretty happy to get to play with the man himself and you get to see him going hard at it with Jake here. First he lets Jake undress him and get all touchy feely with that muscled body. He knows that Jake juts can’t resist getting to touch his muscled body all over. Once Jacob is all naked, you can see him putting that dick straight into Jake’s mouth which starts to use his lisp and eager tongue to work his meat passionately. and you can bet that this only ends when he blows his load inside of it too. Enjoy the view everyone!

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Wolfie Blue Massaged

Hey there again everyone and welcome to another action session with Jake Cruise and another stud. That other hunk today is Wolfie Blue, a sexy stud in his late twenties that is a fan of the man and Jake gets to play with him for the whole afternoon today. Now as you know, one thing that Jake likes to do to entice other guys to fuck is to give them a great massage, and since he’s so good with his hands he pretty much always gets it his way. Anyway, let’s not delay any longer and watch JakeCruise give this guy a massage and with a happy end to it to boot. You will get to see Jake and Blue fucking nice and hard for this afternoon, rest assured!

When they finally get started, you get to watch Wolfie laying on his back all nude on the massage table and Jake making his entry and getting ready. First order of business for him is to oil up Wolfie from neck down to his feet. Then he starts to work that magic with his hands and make the guy get rid of all the tension in his body. Now of course, the most tense part by the end is his cock. Which Jake Cruise also took care of with his fine tight ass. Anyway, watch the two of them play naughty this afternoon and you can be sure that you will get to see even more all new and all glorious action with Jake pretty soon too. Bye bye for now everyone!


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Gabriel Louis Serviced by Jake Cruise

Hey there guys, the master of cock pleasing himself, Jake Cruise is back in black as it were with another scene. The hot stud gets to play with another guy and you get to see it all of course in his scene today. This time he gets to break in fresh meat as it were as he’s got this new guy that didn’t really get to accumulate much sex experience and he needs his help. Well, you know Jake, he’s never one to turn down a fine looking man, especially when he’s in a time of need and things need to get kinky. So let’s watch JakeCruise play with this guy and his dick for pretty much the whole afternoon here today, and see him work his magic touch!


First and foremost, Jake has the guy take off his clothes and reveal that body. And as he has him parade that body around he eventually invites the guy to sit on his lap. You basically get to see Jake stating to tese his body all over as he begins stroking that cock and he does such a good job that he has the guy moaning in pleasure in no time too. Enjoy the view of this all and see Jake stroking that meat until the guy blows his load all over both of them shooting his man juices. It’s a pretty neato scene and we bet that you will enjoy it. See you next week with another one of Jake’s sexual encounters and even more nasty stuff going down!

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Favorite Bareback

Welcome to more of Jake Cruise and his shenanigans today as he gets to have some more one on one action with another hot stud. The always horny Jake, as you can tell was pretty happy to get to take it in the ass from such a strapping stud like this one and he pretty much loved every single second of his time with him in this afternoon. Take a seat and check out one simply stunning and hot scene with the hot older guy getting to be nasty on camera once more and watch as JakeCruise gets his tight ass stretched nice and wide by another big dick this afternoon. There’s plenty to check out in this very lovely gallery of his!

They get to have that nice and big bed all to themselves this afternoon and to begin with you can see Jake perform a masterful oral session for the guy. So if by any change is was not completely rock hard, he sure was after those lips were done with their work. See Jake laying on his back and watch him spread those legs after that delicious cock sucking to take it nice and deep on the ass from the guy. Which obliges him and pretty much gives him a nice and thorough anal dicking this afternoon. Well, with that being said we have to leave, but we’ll leave it to you to explore what else goes on, and do remember to come by next week for more!


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