Jake Cruise exploring Rudolph Schneider

Jake Cruise had the best time hanging out with Rudolf. He is hot, sexy and has a body that i could spend all day and all night simply worshipping. When we got together for a brand new videos, i knew it would be special, and so it was. Maybe even better. After i got a taste of that sexy body, we took turns into licking and sucking one another. By this time we were both all hot and horny ready for some nasty action, so Rudolf flips me over and crams hi huge hard cock deep into my ass, making sure i will never forget this trip we took together. I loved it when this boy cum all over my belly, and i just couldn’t help myself not to spread it all over my body.

Well as you can tell Rudolph is one superb muscled stud, and that was just to the taste of Jake this afternoon. He simply could not wait to get to have fun with his cock and getting to do some nice and hard style gay fucking today. Watch the studs starting off with one sexy and passionate kissing session first and foremost, and enjoy as they blow their loads on each other’s asses by the end of this sexy little video. Do take the time to check out the past Jake Cruise updates as well and watch some more incredible hunks having sex in front of the cameras and you guys. Bye bye!

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Jake Cruise presents James Hamilton & Hunter Vance

What better way to say Happy Birthday than with a really big delicious chocolate cake from chaosmen? Well in this latest Jake Cruise videos we show that there are better ways. Vance decided that this year he wanted something else, and so he made his friend James get down on his knees and give the blow of his life. And he sure did, cause he was sucking on that massive cock like it was chocolate. But Vance is all about giving and receiving. And now that he has received, it was time to give some back. And he made sure that he gave it to James really hard and deep into his tight ass, just the way we like it here. Check them out now and wish for your birthday faster.

James and Vance you got to see both in past updates that we ad, and today they get to play together. We wanted to see what kind of chemistry these two studs had together and as you can see in this nice video , it was quite a lot. Watch closely and see the guys meeting in the living room. In no time they get naked and begin to play with each other’s nice and big cocks. See them taking the time to suck each other off and then watch them taking turns to pound each other’s fine and eager asses today. We know you’ll love them and we will see you again next week, with more drilling sessions!

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Jake Cruise and Jessippi Cappozzoli

We sure have something new and delicious for you from Jake Cruise videos. This hunk of a man is without a doubt the most hottest guy i ever got the chance to play with. Which is way i even took my time to play a little with him, to get to know that sexy body of his, making sure i knew exactly what would make him go off. And i was right when i went down south and shoved his sausage deep into my mouth, licking and sucking him like mad. After i got him all wet and horny i put him to work and made him fuck me like it was a rodeo inside. I loved to see my cum all over his shaved chest.

And since it’s another one of those special updates that’s a pity to miss, we know that you guys will watch it closely today. Jake got his hands on another fresh stud today and he was very very eager to get to have fun with him. Take a seat and watch as he takes the time to undress him and play with his monster dick and balls just like the fraternityx guys, and see Jake starting to suck and slurp on that cock with a passion today. Watch the stud blowing his load on Jake’s face today and enjoy this fresh scene. We’ll be coming back as always with some more amazing JakeCruise scenes for you to see next time as always!


Zeb Atlas Massaged

I love a good massage. I love to feel someone’s hands go all over my body and make feel light and smooth. And when that massage takes place for a brand new video, we all know what that means. I started with some gentle back massage to make sure i make my friend relax, and when i saw he was light as a feather, i went a little to the south and gave him a little squeeze. He enjoyed cause i saw a smile on his face, and so i kept on going, squeezing and rubbing his massive cock, and just as i knew i got him really close i crammed his hard toy into my mouth, making sure i got a full taste of his inside. Check us out in my special Jake Cruise scene.


Rest assured that when we tell you that you won’t want to miss this update we’re very serious. You cannot pass the opportunity to see this sexy and hot muscled stud as he gets his nice and big cock taken care of by this older dude. And if you know one thing about him from the time here you know that he likes his shredded hunks every day. If you are enjoying this, you can see more free bait buddies videos inside the members area! Sit back and watch closely as you get to see him jerk off that nice and big cock and see the muscled stud blowing his load all over the place by the end of this superb update today. We’ll see you guys next week with more JakeCruise scenes!

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JakeCruise and Dexter

Dexter is a pro athlete and when he got injured, the coach send him over to me to make sure i got him all ready for the next game. But when i saw that perfect body of his, with his worked arms and shaved chest i was hard in a second. I got him standing, to make sure i get the full frontal of his and as i was looking at his injury i accidentally touched his dick. He didn’t seemed bothered at all, and so i kept on touching and rubbing and then gently licking, until i full on sucking him. Well, i got to say i never enjoyed so much having cum on my face than when this fine did. Check him out here, in these JakeCruise galleries and have your moments of pleasure.

So let’s get this show started and watch Dexter as he gets his sexual needs tended to this fine afternoon. And our dude sure took his time to work that nice and big cock with his lips for this fine afternoon. Sit back and watch closely as our older stud gets around to suck and slurp on that big cock with his luscious lips today, and rest assured that Dexter sure enjoyed himself with the cock sucking that he received at the end. You get to see him unload his big cum blast inside this guy’s mouth and we are expecting you here again soon for some more superb Jake Cruise videos and pictures, and also with another hunk pleased and fucked!


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David Taylor and Jake Cruise

What do you do on a hot summer day? You call up your buddy and hit the swimming pool. But once you both get all wet and your shorts get really tight against your crouch, the result is a David Taylor. One look is enough and these two bad boys start menatplay fucking one another like rabbits, here. They take turns into fucking one another’s tight ass, going as deep as possible, making sure they feel each other, and then they both get a taste of their deep insides as they take turns into exploding on one another’s sexy asses by the end of this nice and fresh Jake Cruise gallery update.

david taylor jake cruise bareback

As another fresh week started we just had to bring you back Taylor. This stud was here before and you know that he does some good work every time whether it’s him being in a solo self pleasing scene or with company. Sit back and watch him today getting it on with another sexy stud, and see them fucking this afternoon just for your viewing pleasure everyone. You get to see mister David shoving his nice and big cock in that tight ass and he goes balls deep in it as well. We hope that you will enjoy your stay as always, and do drop by next week once more for some more fresh JakeCruise scenes with sexy studs everyone!

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Bo Dean and David Dakota

I love nature and i love it even more when I get the chance to share what I like with my friends. But being outside, make you shirt-less in minutes, and so it didn’t take long for my buddy and I to make a brand new video for you. As i was leaning against a massive tree, my huge hard cock was going as deep as possible into his behind, making sure i made him really feel me. Then it was my turn to get some and my friend had his payback, cause he fucked hard in just about ever possible position. Don’t miss this latest JakeCruise video update and see two very horny and sexy hunks who are looking just like the guys from the fraternityx vids as they fuck outdoors.

Dean and David decided to go for a nice walk this afternoon. And they enjoyed their little trip outside as they visited lots of places. But it seemed that both of them were starting to get more and more turned on, and they just couldn’t wait to get back home and do some fucking. Well they did manage to find a nice private place and they used that opportunity to have their nice and hard fuck right there. So just sit back and enjoy seeing the sexy couple fucking out doors. You can see Dean taking a hard ass fucking doggie style as he ride’s his fuck buddy’s nice and big cock for the whole Jake Cruise scene. Enjoy it and see you guys soon with more!


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Bronson Gates Fucking Michael Rogue

Today it’s the moment to put another hot ‘silver daddy’ to work on for some fresh Jake Cruise galleries. We’ve asked hot Bronson Gates to show hot twink Michael Rogue a some gay sex positions. We have to admit, when Michael took rid his clothes we’ve pretty jealous it’s lucky Bronson getting to fuck him! This horny twink is very good looking! Hot Michael has an lovely face with some kissable lips. His fit, toned body, and rock hard cock are coupled with a perfect butt which horny Bronson soon will fuck for us. Sexy Michael lays on his back and gets roughly pounded by Bronson’s monster cock in different styles and positions. In the meantime, teen Michael was screaming and moaning in intense pleasure! Then, Bronson blasts a big load of warm and sticky jizz right on Michael’s pretty face. Check out their JakeCruise sex videos inside!

bronson gates and michael rogue fucking like animals

Bronson like we said, likes to play the alpha male, and his nature allowed this fresh stud to learn lots about gay sex in today’s update. Sit back and watch as Michael gets to suck on his mentor’s nice and big cock, and then see him presenting his tight and perfect butt for one nice and hard ass fucking today. He loves riding cocks, just like the guys from the http://jasonsparks.org/ site, so watch the two guys fucking all over the bedroom as Bronson knows the best ways to fuck a tight ass and please his partner as well, and that’s exactly what he wanted to do today. So just enjoy it and see you guys next week as usual with another scene okay?

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Dirk Willis Massaged By Jake Cruise

My sexy hairy friend Dirk is back for some more massage. He really enjoyed the last time we did one for us, and I knew he was eager for some more. This time i got him flat on his back and did not waste any more time with anything else, as i just plunged right into his cock. I licked it and toyed with it, before i crammed it all inside my mouth and played with my tongue. I made poor Dirk moan with pleasure and excitement and i was happy to see the result. A full squeeze of his inside right into my face. Yummy scenes can be seen with these two studs and you can bet that you are in for a good time with them.

Jake Cruise as you know always likes to start his fucks with some nice massages, and this afternoon like we said, he had quite a stud on his massage table. He simply could not pass up the opportunity to get to fuck him nice and hard for this afternoon. And so, as he finished oiling up and working every inch of that nice body, he starts to use his juicy expert lips to suck on Kirk’s nice and hard cock for the afternoon. And yes, he continued to work his client with his mouth until Dirk ended up blowing his load in this guy’s eager mouth by the end. Have fun with it and see you guys next week with more JakeCruise scenes! Also you might visit the fraternityx site and see some hot frat guys getting their big fat cocks sucked!

dirk willis massaged

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Jake and Leo Giamani

I really like New York, especially when it makes such sizzling individuals of Italian manhood such as Leo Giamani., the result being a brand new Jake Cruise Leo Giamani. I am extremely attached to of Leo’s thick and large Italian sausage, which I got to taste many times. I attempted to deeply throat it, but it was of  no use – it’s simply too big! But don’t think that such a detail stops me from enjoying and playing with  it, starting with some mounting , then by getting Leo enter me coming from behind. We checked out a lot more positions, each more enjoyable compared to last. So it was not a surprise that we completed near synchronized ejaculations. I think having Leo bareback set me in a New York frame of mind. Don’t miss a new update today.


We want to make sure that you catch this update as you will be in for one superb show with two very hot and horny guys as they get to have some sexual fun for your enjoyment today. So let’s sit back and get this sex show started as we bet that you guys are very eager to watch the hunks get it on today. So just sit back and enjoy seeing them suck one another’s cocks and then see them spending the afternoon fucking for your enjoyment everyone! You could also check out JakeCruise Twitter, for more news! Wanna see other hot gay guys making out? If you do, check out the http://www.fraternityx.info site!

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