Jeremy Stevens Massaged

Jeremy Stevens received a very special massage from Jake Cruise. As you know Jake does a special type of massages. He starts by touching and kissing the entire body and continues by taking in his filthy mouth the massive tool and sucking it. He first stroked Jeremy’s tool and when it was hard enough he shoved it in his mouth. Check it out!


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Jake servicing Mario Romo

Hi there. Jake Cruise is back and he has a special guest. The lucky Mario Romo will get a nice treatment from horny Jake who will take care of his cock, sucking on it and licking the balls just for your viewing delight. We are glad that you are back on our website, that’s why we will repay your loyalty with fresh scenes every week, so just sit back there and enjoy this one.


As you can see, Lake started his blowing session with a nice massage to Mario’s cock just to get it hard as she prefers. Then horny Jake will wrap his talented lips all around that thick tool, going slowly first, then stuffing his mouth with the whole cock, going deepthroat and getting his throat gagged just for your delight. Going all the way to the balls, then sucking on them, Jake will make Mario moaning in pleasure. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed by his performance, so grab a seat and enjoy the scene. Also, check here horny Jake exploring Rudolph.

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Jake Cruise gets hungry for a tight ass

Hi there, my friends! Jake Cruise is back and he has a great hunger for a fresh young ass. He will shove his tongue and cock into that young ass and for sure it would be a great pleasure for you to watch. These two will offer you a great gay fuck, so grab a seat and watch Jake going naughty again.

As you can see, Jake seems to prefer only young studs, because they have those sweet tight assholes Jake loves so much. Well, you will see him starting by carrying his new buddy in bed, both but naked, exposing their hot bodies to the camera just for your delight. He will spread his new partner’s legs just to have a better access to his tight ass. Licking and moisturizing that hole, Jake will get it ready for his hard cock. Next moment he will shove his cock deep inside that ass, going in and out until a big blast of jizz comes our and sprays those round buttocks. I’m sure you will love watching the whole episode, so hit that button and cum inside for that. Enjoy!


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Jake Cruise meets up with Thomas Ride

Hi there! Your favorite mature porn star is back and he engaged in a hot scene with the hunk Thomas Ride. For sure these two make a hell of a couple and watching them in action will give you wet dreams for days. Thomas here was Jake’s guest and for sure he knows how to be a good host. Jake will take care of his cock as good as possible and in my opinion he did just fine. Watch yourself!

So the two will start by kissing each other while their hard cocks are robbing each other. The very next moment Jake will be on her knees. He loves so much that position, as we well know and he simply looks perfect like that, don’t you think? So watch him wrapping his lips all around Thomas cock. That hunk will fuck Jake’s throat right before he’ll shove that tool balls deep inside Jake’s eager asshole. He will not stop until a big blast of jizz paints Jake’s round buttocks. Well, the scene won’t stop here, as Thomas ass is still untouched by Jake’s talented cock, and the mature stud will stick that fucking toll also in a hunk’s hole. He loves doing that and will see how much he enjoys every second, going harder and faster. Cum inside for the entire episode and see how JakeCruise finishes his job. Have fun!


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Jake and Mitch Vaughn

Hello there, my friends and welcome back! I have another great scene for all of you tonight as Jake Cruise brought us one of his latest scenes. The horny man picked up this hunk. His name is Mitch and he is a hell of a stud who will offer Jake a piece of his ass and cock. Watch them sucking and fucking just for your delight.

As I said, hunk Mitch will offer his butt to Jake’s cock. The horny mature stud is going to shove his hard dick deep inside Mitch’s mouth and ass, but before that they are teasing each other a little. Each one will rub his partner’s cock, will massage the balls and will suck on those fucking tools. As you will see, Jake really loves to feel a fresh hard cock on his tongue and that is very clear from the review if the video. He will spread Mitch legs and that sweet hole will be stretched to maximum by out mature stud. Enjoy the scene back on our website!


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Mike Rivers getting nailed by Jake

Another great week and Jake found another ass to nail. This horny mature man loves younger studs and will have a fresh cock to suck every week just for your viewing delight. Watch him bending that young dude and sliding his dick way deep into that tight hole, right after he gagged his throat with the hard cock.  Just grab a seat because this really deserves your attention.

So the two are starting their gay fucking session with a little gentle touching, kissing each other and squeezing their cocks hard. Jake will massage his balls before he’ll take that dick deep into his mouth. He sure loves that taste in his mouth, so without anymore delays watch him sucking on a younger cock, then stretching a tight ass. I’m sure you will enjoy the ending, so hit that button and cum to see the whole scene back on our website. Also, click here and see how Jake took care of cute Jessippi’s cock. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed by their performances.


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Lucas Knight shoots his load

Hi there! Who is ready for a hot gallery? I think that you all are since you are here and since JakeCruise last scene had that great success. Well, get ready to enjoy one amazing gallery as horny Jake engaged into another amazing fucking session just for your entertainment. Watch him doing a nice hand job to his new young partner and sucking his thick tool until he sprays a nice load of jizz all over Jake.

As I said, this mature stud prefers younger cocks and will go for one at any time at the day. Tonight he will entertain us with this crazy hot gay fuck as he rubbed and sucked on Lucas’s huge cock. They are starting the scene but naked, kissing each other and rubbing their cocks together. After all the kissing and teasing, Jake will lay his new buddy on the bed and will start to rub his dick up and own. Watch him sucking on it, then rubbing one again until a nice load of jizz paints his hairy chest. I will leave you in their company now and see ya all next week with fresh content! Have fun!


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Jake Cruise wants Guy Jones’ cock

Hi there, everyone and welcome back! I know that we’ve promised fresh content and that is the reason we are here. Horny Jake brought us this amazing scene as he put her hands and mouth on Guy Jones’s hard cock. This hungry for young cocks stud always succeed to find a nice stud for sucking and fucking on camera. Now he decided to share his experiences with us, so make yourself comfortable and watch him in action.


Well, one thing is very clear for me since I’ve got the chance to see Jake in action for so may times: this man really knows what he is doing there and truly has a passion for it. Any guy who gets his attention is a lucky man. Like Guy Jones here, who just had his cock sucked by Jake. Watch how our silver man stuffs his mouth with that big piece of cock, getting his throat gagged and his tongue fucked. For sure he will not stop until he receives that big load of jizz he was after from the very beginning. Enjoy them!

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Jake and Connor Maguire

Another great week and naughty JakeCruise brought this handsome stud who will stuff his every hole on camera just for your viewing delight. These two will enjoy one amazing gay fuck and you are about to get front row seats to that show. Let me introduce you Connor Maguire, a young stud with a perfect worked body and one big hard cock. The hunk will stretched Jake’s tight ass, then he’ll get his balls and asshole licked by dirty Jake.


This scene is one of our best scene, so losing it might not be a very wise thing to do. Jake found this time one handsome stud with a large cock who will expose his perfect body to the camera right before he’ll shove his tool into Jake’s every hole. Our mature porn star will drop on his knees in front of his new body and will start to twirl his tongue around that thick dick. We all know that he prefers younger cocks and his new partner is one of the best he had. Watch Connor shoving his thick cock into Jake’s but, then going on top of him and offering his balls for licking. Do not miss this one. Also, check here horny Jake and another young stud, Ty Roderick. This burning hot gay play is going to make you hard in just a few seconds!

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Jake meets Carlo Cox

Hi there everyone! Jake Cruise is back and he has a new buddy to fuck. This time he picked up this dude to entertain you with his scenes. Carlo Cox is a hunk with a great appetite for for cocks who will stuff Jake’s ass tonight just for your delight. The two will make your evening even better, so grab a seat and watch them in action.

So the two men will start their fucking with a blowjob session. Jake will get his throat gagged first, sucking on Carlo’s dick like there’s no tomorrow. For sure our mature hunk has some skills, as you will see, and the experience made him pro. So watch him going all the way to the balls with his lips and getting his throat fucked by Carlo’s hard cock. Then his new partner will bend him and will fuck him from behind, rough and fast as our Jake prefers. Then Jake will spread his legs for Carlo, spreading his buttocks for that hard tool. Carlo also loves the taste is fresh dick on his talented tongue, so you will enjoy watching him sucking on Jake’s cock for the great finale. Enjoy!


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