Jake Cruise massage

I love it when old friends get together and the result is a totally new jake cruise massage. Cause this is what it’s all about. We got this two old friends alone in a room and before we knew it cloths were everywhere and they were rubbing and sucking one another like it was the last day on Earth. And that was not enough for these two hungry ones. They took turns into humping one another, making sure each got as deep as possible, to offer some massive orgasmic pleasures. Until the next meeting check them out at jakecruise.

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Jake Cruise & Ty Roderick

Jake Cruise brought you smoking hot stud Ty Roderick.  Extremely sexy in a single package. They took advantage of this cozy spring time to have fun outside. He loved every second feeling his firm body, licking his lovely pink butt, and sucking his hard cock.  He truly pounded his face with his tool.  Ty has been nice enough to allow him to suck on his toes.  When it was time to jizz, Ty sat up, laying against him and jerked himself while he caressed his bod.  Jake got some on his hand then tasted it.


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Passionate Love

Jake Cruise is here with another hot stud. They’ve started kissing and didn’t want to stop but the cameraman started telling them to continue. Jake wants to belive they didn’t fuck, instead they did passionate love. He started stroking his tool until he cummed all over his face. Check it out!


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Jake Cruise and Kevin Case

Jake Cruise found a new hard toy to play with. His name is Kevin and from all that kissing he ended up with a love bite. Kevin was on board for everything, from getting his tool sucked to rimming his ass or kissing his body. And before you know it he plowed Jake’s face with his huge cock, so he helped Kevin jack off. After cumming all over his torso Jake continued playing with him.


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Scotty Dean Serviced

Well, Jake Cruise had some work to do with Scotty. His ass was one of the tightest ones he got his hands on. He swallowed every inch of his hard cock and didn’t top only there. After undressing him, Jake found out that his toes are just as tasty as his tool. Then he started jerking off till he cummed in his mouth. Check them out!


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Brad Kalvo & Jake Cruise

Jake Cruise just loves Brad’s ripped body, his muscles. He is an amazing kisser and a great cock sucker. Jake didn’t complain about his fucking skills neither. He bent over and let the ripped stud stretch his tight butthole over and over again. Then Jake started licking his tight asshole, while stroking his hard tool. Check it out!


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Rudolf Schneider & Jake

Jake Cruise brought Rudolf for this scene and he sure doesn’t like wasting time. He started planting his ripped body behind Jake’s and plugged his tight hole with his uncut cock. Rudolf had no mercy and went hard and deep, making Jake to feel his took inside him. Afterwards he cummed all over his belly. Check him out!


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Christian Kennedy & Jake Cruise

Jake Cruise is back with another smoking hot stud ready to stretch some tight buttholes. Jake jumped to the fun part and deep throated his massive tool. Christian didn’t complain at all so Jake continued sucking his huge tool until he got a creamy cum bath. Check them out!


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Rex Roddick Serviced

Rex Roddick and Jake Cruise are back in the same scene. They’ve started with some kissing and continued with the rough pounding. Rex sat on the couch and let Jake do his work licking his tight butthole and continued with taking his massive junk in his filthy mouth. Don’t miss the change of seeing these horny studs in hardcore action!


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Jake Cruise and Trevor Parks

Trevor Parks was one of Jake Cruise’s favorite. His’ a smoking hot stud with a worked out body and a long, thick and uncut tool. Jake didn’t bother to undressed and started pleasing Trevor’s tool. After stroking it, he took it in his mouth and started sucking it. After Trevor cummed he went to his tight butthole and started licking it. Check it out!


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